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Chaliswan Quran Khwani and Majlis Program

There will be a Chaliswan Quran Khwani and Majlis program on Saturday, December 23, 2017 for the Eisal-e-Sawaab of Marhooma Zarina Bibi (daughter of Chaudhry Sardar Khan and mother of Hassan Khan and Ali Khan). The program will be as follows:

3.30 pm     Quran Khwani
5.00 pm.    Namaz
5.30 pm.    Soaz and Majlis by Moulana Imran Haider Saqi (Urdu)
7.00 pm.    Dinner

Hasan and Ali Khan &  family request everyone to attend and make dua for the maghferat of their mother Marhooma Zarina  Bibi.

Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi Program

Birth celebration of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h)

When: Saturday, December 2nd

Moulana: Moulana Mazhari


6:30 pm    Quran recitation and Naat Khwani

7:00 pm    Speech by Moulana Mazhari

8:00 pm    Dinner

This program is sponsored by Akbar Kermanshahi family; Talat Behzad family; and Khwaja family.

We urge everyone in the community to attend the program.

Arbaeen Majalis Program 2017

  • Moulanas: Sheikh Abbas Jaffar (English), Allama Mazahiri (Urdu)

Date    Day    Moulana              
Nov 5  Sun    Same
Nov 6  Mon    Same
Nov 7  Tue    Same
Nov 8  Wed    Same
Nov 9  Thur    Same (CHEHLUM)

The majlis program on Thursday, November 9th will start with Dua-e-Kumail from 7-7:30 pm followed by the regular program as usual.

Updated Program: 

7.30 pm               Quran
7.40 pm.              English Majlis by Sheikh Abbas Jaffar
8.40 pm.              Soaz
8.50 pm.              Urdu Majlis by Allama Mazahiri
9.50 pm.              Maatam 


The two-dinner plan did not work out due to the logistical reasons and therefore we have cancelled it for the remaining three majalis. In it’s place insha-Allah we will be distributing Tabarruk-Meal-Pack(s); you can pick that up as you leave the Center.

Quran Khwani and Majlis Program

There will be a Quran Khwani and Majlis program on Saturday, November 4, 2017 for Br. Mehdi  Hanif’s Sister-in-law Nazifa Hanif and his aunt Sister Rubaba. The program will be as follows:

4.00 pm.  Quran Khwani
6.00 pm.   Namaz
6.30 pm.    Farsi and English Majlises by Syed Rohalla Wahidi
7.30 pm.    Dinner

We urge everyone in the community to attend.