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Quran Khwani Program

There will be a Quran Khwani program today (Saturday, June 24) for the Shohada all over the world, specially for the Shuhada in Afghanistan who got martyrdom during the month of Ramadhan this year.


6.00 pm Quran Recitations (for the Shuhada in Afghanistan – Kabul, Mazar Sharif and Helmand)
7.00 pm Dua Iftitah
7:30 pm Farsi Lecture
8:00 pm Urdu Speach
9:00 pm Namaaz and Dinner

Dinner is sponsored by all the Afghani families. We urge everyone to attend this program.

Ramadhan Program – Updated

Farsi and Urdu program starts June 11. The program starts 5 minutes early as we have two speeches.

Daily Program:

– 7.10 pm Duas
– 7.30 pm Farsi Speech ( topic: Morality and behavior in the light of Masoomeen A.S)
– 8.00 pm Urdu Speech ( topic: Tafseer Sura-e-Yaseen)
– 9.15 pm Iftar/Dinner

• Moulana Syed Yaseer Naqvi has requested everyone to attend these speeches. He has put in a lot of effort in preparing for both topics.

Ramadhan Program – 2017

Holy Month of Ramadhan Mubarak 

According to the announcement from Al-Khoei Center, New York and NASIMCO, 1st of Ramadhan will be  tomorrow, Saturday, May 27, 2017.

  • 1st of Ramadhan /Masjid program starts on Saturday, May 27th Insha-Allah;
  • Iftaar Dinner every day starting May 27th, Saturday

(Encourage everyone to sponsor & sign-up for Iftar/Dinner at the Mosque OR contact Br. Imdad  or Br. Azim ; if you want to sponsor only a part of the Iftar please talk to Br. Imdad)

  • Eid Insha-Allah on Monday, June 26th.
  • Annual Fund Raising on Saturday, June 10th.

Annual Election:

  • Annual Election nominations on June 23, Friday, after Iftar
  • Annual Election on June 24, Saturday, after Iftar
  • Membership Dues: $60/person; Deadline June 22nd, Thursday

Daily Program:

Insha-Allah we plan to do both duas and Moulana speech before the Maghrib; because Maghrib starts very late.

– 7.15 pm Duas
– 7.30 pm Moulana’s Speech *
– 8.45 pm Maghrib/Isha Prayers
– 9.15 pm Iftar/Dinner

  • * Speech: First Half: Sheikh Azhar Nasir (English)
  • * Speech: Second Half: Syed Yasser Naqvi (Farsi/Urdu:7.30pm-8.45pm)

Funeral Fund:

  • Please renew or initiate a new membership starting 1st of Ramadhan.
  • Closing date: Last day of Ramadhan.