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Quran Khwani and Lecture Program

For Br. Shabir Mukhtar’s Father-In-Law and Wilaadat of Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.)

When: Saturday, January 14th at 6 pm

Speaker: Sheikh Fiayz Jaffer

Topic: How to Build a Relationship with the Imam Mehdi (a.s)


6 pm Quran Khwani (for Hajji Sultan Saleh, Br. Shabir Mukhtar’s Father-In-Law)
7 pm Lecture
8 pm Dinner

Celebrating the Birth of Prophet Mohammad (Dec 16 – 17)

Friday, Dec 16
6:30 pm Quran
Topic: “The Social Etiquette of the Holy Prophet”
7:00 pm Lecture by Sheikh Azhar Nasser
8:00 pm Work Shop for Men’s on the men’s side by Sheikh Azhar Nasser
8:00 pm Work shop for Sisters on the sisters side by Laya Bahbahani **
8:45 pm Dinner

Saturday, Dec 17
6:30 pm Quran
Topic: “Why do I feel empty”
7:00 pm Lecture by Sheikh Azhar Nasser
8:00 pm Workshop (Muslims In America)
8:45 pm Dinner

** Sisters workshop topic will be “How to deal with social pressures?
Sister Laya Behbahani is a business & Policy analyst at Simons Fraser University holding a BA & MA in Criminology and is a labor studies program instructor.