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Eid Mubarak – 2016

•  Eid Mubarak (Eid is on Wednesday, July 6th)

• Eid Program: 

– 7:00 am         Dua-e-Nudba/Takbeerat
– 8:00 am         Namaaz-e-Eid
– 9:15 am         Breakfast                          

•  Zakat-ul-Fitr (Fitrah):

– The amount of Zakat-ul-Fitr (Fitrah) for this year is $10/person.

– If you want to give the fitrah to Al-Fatemah Center, please give it to Br. Raza Mamdani or Br. Imdad and indicate if you are syed or not so that it can be distributed accordingly.

Quran Khwani Program

There will be a Quran Khwani program on Sunday, June 19th at 6 pm for the Eesaal-e-Sawaab of Haj Dr. Hussain Ali Ekhtiari. The program is requested by Mohammad Ali Ekhtiari, Aman Nouri, Abbas Ekhtiari, Mohammad Sediq Ekhtiari and Hassan Mirzayi.


Program Time: Sunday, June 19, 2016 at 6:00 pm


We humbly request everyone to participate in this program.

Quran Khwani and Majlis Program

There will be a Quran Khwani and Majlis program on Saturday, June 4th for the Eesaal-e-Sawaab of Sister Kausar Karim Dad Khan (mother of Ali Khan and Hassan Sardar)

Program: Saturday, June 4, 2016

5:30 pm Quran Khwani
6:30 pm Majlis by Moulana Rehan Naqvi (Urdu)
7:15 pm Dinner
8:45 pm Namaz

We humbly request everyone to participate in this program.

Ramadhan Program – 2016

Holy Month of Ramadhan Mubarak – 2016


View Sahar/Iftar Timings | Download Sahar/Iftar Timings


* 1st of Ramadhan/Masjid program starts on Tuesday, June 7th. Insha-Allah

* Iftar Dinner every day starting June 7th, Tuesday

* Encourage everyone to sponsor & sign-up for Iftar/Dinner at the Mosque OR contact Br. Imdad  or Br. Azim. If you want to sponsor only a part of the Iftar please talk to Br. Imdad

* Annual Fund Raising on Saturday, June 18th.

* Annual Election:
Membership Dues: $60/person; Deadline Thursday, June 30th
Nominations on July 1, Friday, after Iftar
Election on July 2, Saturday, after Iftar

* Eid, Insha-Allah, on Wednesday, July 6th.

* Daily Program: Insha-Allah we plan to do both duas and Moulana speech before the Maghrib; because Maghrib this year starts very late.

– 7.15 pm Duas
– 7.30 pm Lecture/Speech **
– 8.45 pm Maghrib/Isha Prayers
– 9.15 pm Iftar/Dinner

** Lecture/Speech:
First Half: Sheikh Hamza Sodagar(English)
Second Half: Syed Yasser Naqvi (Farsi/Urdu:7.30pm-8.45pm)

* Funeral Fund:
Please renew or initiate a new membership starting 1st of Ramadhan.
Closing date: Last day of Ramdhan.