Ramadhan Program – 2015

     Holy Month of Ramadhan Mubarak

  • Iftar Dinner every day starting June 18th, Thursday
    • Encourage everyone to sponsor & sign-up for Iftar/Dinner at the Mosque OR contact Br. Imdad or Br. Azim; if you want to sponsor only a part of the Iftar please talk to Br. Imdad
  • Annual Fund Raising on Saturday, June 27th.
  • Annual Election:
    • Nominations on July 10, Friday, after Iftar
    • Election on July 11, Saturday, after Iftar
  • Membership Dues: $60/person; Deadline July 9, Thursday
  •  Eid Insha-Allah on Saturday, July 18th.
  • Daily Program: Insha-Allah we plan to do both duas and Moulana speech before the Maghrib; because Maghrib this year starts very late.
    •   7.15 pm         Duas
    •   7.30 pm         Moulana Speech
    •   8.45 pm         Maghrib/Isha Prayers
    •   9.15 pm         Iftar/Dinner
  • Lecture:
    • First Half: Shaikh Ismail Jehadi Syed Mohamed Qazwini (English)
    • Second Half:  Syed Shahid Husain (Farsi/Urdu:7.30pm-8.45pm)

                                                                                          (English: 10.00pm-10.45pm)                                           

  • Funeral Fund:
    • Please renew or initiate a new membership starting 1st of Ramadhan.
    • Closing date: Last day of Ramdhan.

Shabaan Programs 2015

1. Birth Celebrations of Imam Husain, Imam Zainul Abideen and Hazrat Abbas… peace be upon them all

• Two-Day Program: May 29th & 30th , Friday & Saturday
• Moulana: Syed Saleh Qazwini from Detroit (English)

7.00 pm Quran, Qasidas followed by Speech
8.45 pm Namaz
9.15 pm Dinner

2. Birth Celebration of Imam Zaman (pbuh) and Aamaal Nisf-e-Shabaan

• June 2nd, Tuesday, Shabaan 14

7.30 pm Dinner
8.45 pm Namaz
9.15 pm Qasidas followed by Aamaal

3. Quran Khawani & Majlis for the mother marhooma of Br. Hasan Dad

• June 6th, Saturday
• Moulana: Syed Rehan Naqvi(Urdu)

6.30 pm Quran Recitation
7.30 pm Soaz & Majlis
8.45 pm Namaz
9.15 pm Dinner

Urge every one to attend the program.

Lecture Program

Occasion: Shahadat of Imam Moosa Kazim (AS), Wafaat of Hazrat Abu Talib (AS) and Yaum-e-Be’sat/Mairaj-un-Nabi (PBUH)

May 16th, Saturday
• Moulana: Sayed Reza Qaseemi (Farsi)

7:00 pm Quran
7:15 pm Lecture
8:30 pm Namaz
9:00 pm Dinner

This program has been arranged on a short notice. Urge every one to attend.

Rajab Program 2015

Birth Celebrations of Imam Ali, Imam Baquer, Imam Mohammad Taqi and Imam Ali Naqi… peace be upon them all

Two-Day Program: May 8th & 9th , Friday & Saturday
Moulana: Syed Husaini from Houston (Urdu)


8.30 pm Namaz
9.00 pm Qasidas followed by Speech
DINNER will be served after the program

Program on Bibi Fatemah (AS) by Dr. Ammar Nakshwani (March 7 & 8)

Two-Day Program on Bibi Fatemah-Zahra (AS)

March 7 & 8, Sat & Sun

Dr. Ammar Nakshwani


Two- Day (Sat & Sun) Program:

– 7.00 PM Namaz

– 7.30 PM Majlis Program followed by Dinner

We urge everyone to attend; Dr. Ammar Nakshwani is a very famous speaker; he is visiting our community for the first time.


Quran Khawani for Esaal-e-Sawaab (Saturday, March 7):

On Saturday, March 7, there will also be a Quran Khawani program from 5 pm to 7 pm for the esaal-e-sawaab of Br. Anis Hasan’s father marhoom Syed Naseer Hasan s/o Syed Mohammad Younus; we urge everyone to participate. This will be followed by our regular program as mentioned above.