Date/Time Upcoming Programs

Saturday, May 25

7:00 - 7:35 pm      Dua and Quran

7:35 - 8:25 pm      Majlis for the Shahdat of Imam Ali (a.s.) by Moulana Muntazir Mehdi

8:25 - 8:40 pm      Taboot of Imam Ali and Maatam (with 2 nohas)

8:40 pm                Namaz followed by Iftar

10:00 pm              Aamaal of Shab-e-Qadr

Ramadhan 2019

 Ramadhan 2019 (Prayer Timings)

  • 1st of Ramadhan /Masjid program starts on Monday, May 6th Insha-Allah

  • Iftar Dinner every day starting May 6th,  Monday
    -    Encourage everyone to sponsor & sign-up for Iftar/Dinner

          -    if you want to sponsor only a part of the Iftar please talk to Br. Imdad

  • Annual Fund Raising on Friday, May 17th.

  • Membership Dues &                      Start Date: Ramadan 1, May 6
    Funeral Fund payment                  End Date: Ramadan 30, June 4

  • Eid Insha-Allah on Wednesday, June 5th. 

  • Moulanas: Sheikh Azhar Nassir (First Half)
                      Syed Mantazir Mehdi (Second Half)

  • Daily Program: Approximate timings: Starting Monday, May 6

         -     7.00 pm         Duas/Quran Recitation
         -     7.30 pm         Speech (Dars)
         -     8.30 pm         Maghrib/Isha Prayers 
         -     9.00 pm         Iftar/Dinner


Prayer Schedule

Weekly Schedule

Thursday: @ Maghrib

Friday Prayer
Friday: 1:00 PM

Sunday School
Sunday: 10:30 AM – 2:15 PM

Media Links

Live Broadcast

Majalis / Lectures

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About Us

The Al-Fatemah Islamic Center is a non-profit Islamic Center in upstate New York, providing religious services to the local community in accordance with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Holy Quran, Ahl-ul-bait (Prophet’s family), and Ja’afari Fiqh (jurisprudence).

The purpose of the center shall include, but is not limited to the following:
  • - to safeguard and further the religious, moral, social , and educational interests of members and their families and to promote their welfare
  • - to create, cultivate and maintain goodwill, amity and understanding between members
  • - to strengthen fraternal bonds and understanding between Muslims from various parts of the world
  • - to promote understanding and friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims
  • - to provide continuing Islamic education and personal development for its members


Borad of Trustes consists of:

  • Imdad Imam - President (Email:, Cell: 518-542-4725)
  • Javed Saifi - Treasurer
  • Mohammad Azim Hussaini
  • Haider Khawaja
  • Mokhtar Ahmad
  • Shakil Virjee
  • Syed Hasnain
  • Zeba Hussain
  • Imran Ali

School (Madressa)

Al-Fatemah Islamic Center's sunday school provides religious education to children.

Go to Madressa


Address: 10 South Family Drive, Albany, NY 12205

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1325, Guilderland, NY 12084-1325

Phone: (518) 869-1492