Dates: Sat, Nov 28th to Wed, Dec 2nd (Wed, Dec 2nd is the day of Chehlum)

MoulanaAllama Mazhari (Urdu) 

Noha Khwan: Syed Subaib Abidi (from Pakistan)

Program Details:

7.30 Quran recitation/souz/salaam
7.45 Majlis by Allama Mazhari (Urdu) 
8.45 Matam
9.00 Dinner.

Note: A well known noha khwan, Syed Subaib Abidi (from Pakistan), will be visiting us during these majalis. He will be reciting salaam before the majlis and noha after the majlis. We urge everyone to attend these programs.

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Quran Khwani Program

There will be a Quran Khwani program for the maghfirat of Syed Hidayat-Ullah (brother of Syed Mujtaba Mahdawy) on Thursday, Nov 26, 2015. We urge everyone to attend the program.

Program Details:

5:00 pm Namaz
5:30 pm Quran Khwani


Note: English lecture program will start, as scheduled, at 7:30 pm.

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