Quran Recitation and Majlis Program

Quran Recitation and Majlis Program on Sunday, January 11, 2015

For the Eesaal-e-Sawaab of:
Sultan Saleh (Father in law of Shabbir Mukhtar)
Qaim Ali (Uncle of Br. Imran Ali) and other martyrs of Rawalpindi, Pakistan Attack

3.00 pm Quran
4.30 pm Majlis/Lecture
5.00 pm Namaz
5.30 pm Dinner

We urge everyone to attend the program.

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Eid-e-Meeladun Nabi Celebration (Sat, Jan 10)

Insha-Allah this program is being organized around the local talent participation. We will start the program at 6.00 pm; please note. We are looking for volunteers from amongst youth brothers and sisters to prepare short speeches on the Prophet; parents and teachers please help. Also urge brother reciters to come prepared to recite Naats/Qaseedas.


6.00 PM Namaz

6.30 PM Quran Recitation

6.45 pm Short speeches by Youth brothers/sisters

Naat & Qaseedas by Brothers (Urdu/Farsi/Arabic)

Durood & Salaam by Br. Anees Hasan

8.30 PM Dinner

We urge everyone to attend.

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Majlis Program (Friday, December 26, 2014)

Majlis Program:

6.30 pm   Namaz

7.00 pm   Quran, Soaz/Salaam

Majlis by Moulana Sajidi (Farsi)

9.00 pm   Dinner

Note: It is expected inshallah as in previous years the Anjumane Matamdar will come from New York and New Jersey. We urge everyone to please attend.

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