Expansion Project


Due to a steady growth of the community from immigrants, refugees, people pursuing employment opportunities, and our own children, we need an adequate facility to address both our current and future needs.

Furthermore, in the current Islamophobic environment we live in must be countered with a proactive approach to educate our non-Muslim neighbors and friends. Inviting them to a modern facility, with state-of-the-art resources will give us a significant edge in this pursuit.

Expansion Project



Our community has grown from about 150 people to about 700+ people and we expect this number to increase in future. We need more space for programs, dining area and parking to accommodate this growth.

Education/Sunday School

We started our Sunday School with about twenty children and this year our enrollment has grown to 125 children. The school’s expansion is greatly needed as we project continuous growth in the coming years.

Recreation and Sports for Youth Activities

We have no indoor place for sports or recreational activities. While we have started our youth program and we need this facility to attract our children and youth, as they are our future.

Research Activities and Need for Library and Computer Facilities

In this era of Information technology, we need to provide our school children and youth with computer, Internet and library facilities. This will not only help them in their projects and research activities but will also provide teachers an additional teaching tool.

Community/Outreach Activities

A multi-purpose robust building with religious, cultural, recreational, and outreach activities will ensure a cohesive and spiritual growth of the community

Expansion Project


Based on our preliminary evaluation we believe the expansion project, including a multipurpose building, will cost approximately $3.5 million. We expect to raise close to $1.5 million from our local community, Insha-Allah.

We have started preliminary discussions with a builder and Insha-Allah will start construction in 2020. We are now requesting your financial support in this noble cause and Sadqah-e-Jaariyah.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Dr. Imdad Imam
Email: imamssi@yahoo.com
Phone: 518-542-4725

Turab Jafri
Fundraising & Construction Coordinator
Email: turab@jafrirugs.com
Phone: (518) 466-0641