Barsi (Anniversary) Majlis Program
There will be a Barsi (Anniversary) Majlis program for the Eisal-e-Sawab of Marhoom Khawaja Zawwar Hussain s/o Marhoom Khawaja Ziarat Hussain at the Al Fatimah Islamic Center on Saturday, March 17th 2018. Haider & Husain Khwaja & Family have requested the community to attend this program. The program will be as follows:

3:30 PM    Quran Khawani
5:30 PM    Soz/Salaam by Ehtisham Haider Naqvi
6:00 PM    Majlis by Dr. Sakhawat Hussain Sandralvi
7:20 PM    Salaat followed by Dinner

Date/TimeUpcoming Program
March 17, Saturday afternoonQuran Khwani and Majlis program for Eesale sawab for Br. Zawwar Khwaja Marhoom. Sponsored by Khwaja families.
March 30, Friday eveningBirth celebration of Imam Ali (as).
April 6, Friday eveningShahadat of Imam Musa Kazim (as) sponsored by Br. Abid Husain
April 14, Saturday even ingShahadat of Imam Musa Kazim (as) sponsored by Br. Tahseen Masjid.
April 15 SundayQuran Competition in Sunday school


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The Al-Fatemah Islamic Center is a non-profit Islamic Center in upstate New York, providing religious services to the local community in accordance with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Holy Quran, Ahl-ul-bait (Prophet’s family), and Ja’afari Fiqh (jurisprudence).

The purpose of the center shall include, but is not limited to the following:
  • - to safeguard and further the religious, moral, social , and educational interests of members and their families and to promote their welfare
  • - to create, cultivate and maintain goodwill, amity and understanding between members
  • - to strengthen fraternal bonds and understanding between Muslims from various parts of the world
  • - to promote understanding and friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims
  • - to provide continuing Islamic education and personal development for its members


Borad of Trustes consists of:

  • Imdad Imam - President (Email:, Cell: 518-542-4725)
  • Javed Saifi - Treasurer
  • Mohammad Azim Hussaini
  • Haider Khawaja
  • Mokhtar Ahmad
  • Shakil Virjee
  • Syed Hasnain
  • Turab Jafri

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