The Al-Fatemah Islamic Center is a non-profit (tax exempt) Islamic Center in upstate New York. It is officially under the umbrella of ISLAMIC SHIA ITHNA-ASHERI JAMAAT OF ALBANY.

We provide religious services to the local community in accordance with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Holy Quran, Ahl-ul-bait (Prophet’s family), and Ja’afari Fiqh (jurisprudence).


The purpose of the center shall include, but is not limited to the following:

  • to safeguard and further the religious, moral, social , and educational interests of community members and their families and to promote their welfare.
  • to create, cultivate and maintain goodwill, amity and understanding between community members.
  • to strengthen fraternal bonds and understanding between Muslims from various parts of the world.
  • to promote understanding and friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims.
  • to provide continuing Islamic education and personal development for its community members.


The city of Albany is the capital of New York State. It has a vibrant and booming economy with significant growth. The Capital District of New York, which includes Albany and several surrounding towns, has a world class Nano Technology Center, Global Foundry, General Electric, Knolls Atomic Power Lab, well known colleges and leading research hospitals.

The Shia Community in Albany was formally established in 1995 and this center was constructed in the year 2000. Our community is very diverse and includes members from Pakistan, India, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Lebanon, Dubai, and Europe. There are seven Sunni Mosques in this area, but we are the only Shia Center in upstate New York; in between from NYC to Montreal and from Boston to Buffalo.


Governing Board

Board of Trustees

Dr. Imdad Imam


Email: imamssi@yahoo.com

Phone: 518-542-4725

Turab Jafri

Fundraising & Construction Coordinator

Email: mail@alfatemahic.com

Javid Saifi


Email: mail@alfatemahic.com

Board of Directors

Syed Hussnain

Vice President

Email: mail@alfatemahic.com

Haider Khwaja


Email: mail@alfatemahic.com

Imran Ali

Director of Communication

Email: mail@alfatemahic.com

Malika Haider

Principal of Sunday School

Email: mail@alfatemahic.com

Hina Jafri

Volunteer Coordinator

Email: mail@alfatemahic.com

Jarrar Hussain

Maintenance Coordinator

Email: mail@alfatemahic.com